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Opposite Lynmouth Harbour is the Flood Memorial Hall. The permanent free exhibition inside includes a scale model of the village pre-flood, along with images of the buildings which were destroyed and how to identify their sites. 

That night

On the night of the 15th August 1952 , after extremely high rainfall and storms in the area, the rivers of the East Lyn, joined by Hoaroak Water at Watersmeet and the West Lyn burst their banks.......


Project 1: 

We have managed to acquire new photographs from a private collection, previously unseen by the public. They will be digitally copied for safe keeping then added to the exhibition.

Project 2: 

Erect story boards around the walls of the open shelter on the ground floor.


The Memorial Hall and flood exhibition upstairs along with the Lifeboat exhibition on the ground floor is run by a group of local volunteers and relies solely on donations and the generosity of those visiting

Completed Project


We are pleased to announce that we have become the third site in the village for a Defibrillator

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